New Heights works with infants and children who have special needs due to established conditions such as Downs syndrome, cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, seizures, spina bifida, autism, and other developmental disorders or conditions caused by intraventricular hemorrhage, low-birth weight,, failure to thrive, or unknown  causes for learning delays. These special needs affect a child's development and ability to learn and grow in comparison to other children of the same age

Early intervention programs are provided to children and their families in the home, at the child's daycare, a community satellite clinic, or at our agency. 

We specialize in working with caregivers and infants during the early months and years. Private therapy sessions for school-aged children and for adults are available by appointment.

We offer children and adults physical, occupational, and speech therapy and at our in-house sensory room for sensory integration therapy.

All our therapists are licensed and all our developmental specialists have degrees in early childhood development, special education, or a related field. 

Melanie Blair - Program Coordinator: (904) 396-1462 Ext 123